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chocolate oreo cake

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Definitely recommend!! Can’t wait to try! I decided to try this cake out for fun and I was NOT disappointed! It was just the perfect chocolate cake. Amazing cake! Oreo Cake. *. Today I'm giving you another glimpse into my new cookbook Make it with a Repeat one more time. This cake is SO good! need 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of vegetable oil, and 1 cup of vegetable shortening. Can i use heavy whipping cream instead of buttermilk ? SO GOOD. 9. How would I bake this if I wanted 3 layers in a 10 inch pan or two layers? The day I celebrate making one of my proudest decisions. Wonderful! The recipe is not shown anymore just pictures and story. It tasted just like an amazing brought cake Cook Time 35 mins. I’ll be baking this cake soon for a friend’s birthday Twitter. When I made mine they didnt really rise at all. Taste as you go! I use salted butter for the frosting that comes in sticks. Can I use 50% natural cocoa and 50% Dutch processed cocoa as a substitute. I’m just starting with the cake. Hi there,  If you used Hi Ratio Shortening I will just go with all butter but if you used Crisco/Butter icing and you say there is no filmy mouth feel then I will go with that I can’t wait to try this…it looks so delicious! How much are the cakes meant to rise. The cake looks very delicious, thank you for the recipe! What happened to your recipe? 3 cups Oreo crumbs (about 30 Oreos) hi! You do not melt it, but it should be room temperature in the icing. Divide batter between three cakes pans and bake at 300 degrees for about 30-33 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out with a few crumbs. Personally, how do you go about getting the Oreo crumbs? It won’t bake correctly all in one pan. My 10 yr old daughter is making this me for me for Mother’s Day!! Oh my goodness – were the pans 2″ tall pans? Only little thing though, the cake itself has baking soda after taste to it. This cake is just amazing. If so, how much is in in Grams? 6-7 tbsp (90ml-105ml) water No, the cake will have a little dome on it. The cake looks amazing and I want to make it for my son’s birthday. Hi! Do you think this will work if I just bake it as one big cake? I have a personal book dedicated to your recipes . I will often use salted butter instead of unsalted, which helps cut down the sweetness, if you’d like to give that try. Are the Oreos only in the middle icing layers or all of it? Hi Stephanie, I just looked at it and it displays fine for me. 60+ Oreo Recipes Hi, your Oreo chocolate cake looks luscious, so I will try it… I have a question – what size pan are you using when you double or triple the recipe? Just wanted to know if there were a preference in using the darker non-stick cake pans vs lighter cake pans? Did you use only one pan? I mean 12 birthday is milestone right? Slowly add 4 cups of powdered sugar and mix until smooth. If so, you’re going to want to keep baking it but it may not turn out great. Is the temperature mentioned ( 300 ) in Celsius or Fahrenheit ? I have never heard of baking a cake at 300; Usually 325 or 350. Thanks a lot for some great recipes! I’ve used both the special version and the regular cocoa. When I was younger my childhood friend’s mom would make an oreo cake every once in awhile, and I’ve been craving for years. Tastes good but it’s really really liquidy. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I made just the cake part as a trial before making the whole thing, my daughter and I finished it just on its own it was soo fudgy and yummy. 1 tsp vanilla extract Combine all the ingredients together and place about a quarter size amount in your cake pans and brush in with a pastry brush or you can even use a paper towel to wipe it into your pans I would think whipped cream would be fine, but them you’d need to refrigerate the cake. I’m trying the other chocolate cake recipe this morning, and I may need to try wrapping  wet paper towels around the pan. Thank you!! I have never had that happen before! That’s the only thing I can think of that would make it grainy. Only double stuf here. If so, how should I adjust the recipe? Feel free to replace it with butter though. It was delicious and I had a lot of compliments on it. OREO Cookie Football Cupcakes OREO Crumbles Milk Shake OREO Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cake Tower Spicy Hot Cocoa-OREO Cookie Balls OREO Crumbles Cheesecake Squares. Will the unsalted butter be ok to use ? I would recommend pouring equal amounts into the 3 cake pans. I just have one question; how deep were the 8 inch pans you used for this recipe? It’s a lower temperature than normal, but it’s correct. I added some vanilla pudding mix to the cake batter and some oreo crumbs. So you might remember that last year I mentioned that the hubs and I were going to South Africa, both to visit his family and for me to see the country. You’re welcome. Made this yesterday and it turned out AMAZING! The cake will take forever to bake, bake unevenly and turn out very dense. Jeder unserer Redakteure begrüßt Sie als Leser auf unserer Seite. Hi there I’m from new zealand do I follow the cups or the mls. Sorry, I am English and used what we call baking powder rather than bicarb of soda . Never. Lindsay,  I usually like to go out to my favourite restaurant but since we are living in covid times, I settled for making my own dinner and treat. Hi Lindsay , thanks for this wonderful recipe, it came out excellent. This is my kind of icing!!! Copyright © 2020 Buttery Sweet on the Cookd Pro Theme. This cake is a sight for sore eyes! It has taken a LOT longer than we expected based on some other people’s experiences, but finally the hubs has the final interview and test on Monday! This cake is just ???????? You can use a food processor. Thanks. I topped the cake with mini oros and a chocolate drizzle. Any suggestions? I wanted to make the buttercream in advance, however, so I started it this evening. Hello! Dinner was so boring that I already forget what I made, but I didn’t forget this cake as Bruno and I were eating it all week. It is fine at room temperature. Or what can I use instead of? I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Mar 22, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Kuchen. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you! That kind of depends on how much frosting you tend to use. If you lessen it, you may need to make more icing which would give you more powdered sugar anyway. Add eggs, buttermilk and vegetable oil to the dry ingredients and mix well. I don’t remember exactly. Shortening is a butter replacement that I often use. And then it will be time to have a hunk of this masterpiece. Yes, I just can’t remember off the top of my head what it’d be. I am making this cake tomorrow for my daughter’s birthday. The only thing I did differently was the frosting. Yes, it will work as cupcakes. There was an issue today that affected thousands of sites – mine included. This cake is a 10 out of 10 for me! Chocolate Oreo Poke Cake. When I click the link on Pinterest it tells me page not found. Just a typo, I’ll fix it. Thanx. Would I be able to make this as a sheet cake? Yes, try to make sure the crumbs are nice and small. Either way is fine. Hey Everyone! Chop remaining cookies into 1/4-inch pieces; set aside. I wouldn’t suggest one pan – the cake likely won’t bake evenly and will turn out more dense than it should. Or should I go bigger? . Hey – looks amazing! Will.the frosting recipe be enough for me to frost the cake?? I’ve been meaning to try this as a sheet cake but haven’t yet. Hi just wandering if for the cake you used light brown sugar, caster or granulated. I’m in the UK and we use celsius and 150 degrees celsius seems quite low…. Thanks for the pin! I saved this recipe on my pinterest & I purchased all of the ingredients today… only to get home & Pinterest tell me it’s been removed & now I can’t find it on google. The temperature is correct. Just trying to find the best way to fit this yummy looking cake into my busy schedule! While it worked most of the time, there were times where the cake would STILL stick to the bottom and I would have to start all over… wasting materials, time, and sanity. This cake is super easy and seriously delicious. Yes, it can. if it’s 8”, do you think 9” would still work with the ingredient volumes as listed? I think next time I may substitute hot coffee for the hot water and intensify the chocolate flavor even more. It will look dry. From the picture it looks like Oreos are in all of the icing. You might find this post on frosting consistency helpful as far as reducing the sugar. I’m on the hunt for another one to make this weekend . Add all of the dry ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer with a whisk attachment. You can use 9 inch pans to make to layers, you just may need to adjust the baking time a bit. I honestly don’t use cake strips, so it’s a little hard to answer that. Is this too much sweet or is this enough for this cake? Can’t wait to try. This cake was one of the best cakes I have EVER made. Beat the butter until light and fluffy. There’s a store here though that sells black cocoa 10/12% and ruddy red cocoa. Just Oreo perfection. . You’ll need two ingredients, a microwave and about a minute! Thanks for your help! You can add a simple chocolate ganache on top to give it that something extra. Sorry another question… to make oreo crumbs did u put in food processor or put them in a bag and use a rolling pin? Looks delish! Ingredients. The icing is a little to sweet for my taste though. Thanks, I’m really looking forward to bake that cake! Thank you for following along! I usually like to go out to my favourite restaurant but since we are living in covid times, I settled for making my own dinner and treat. This Oreo Cake is every chocolate lover’s dream. Ok, I have to admit that when it comes to my favorite cookie you can buy from the store, I’m slightly obsessed with Oreos. I attempted to make this Chocolate Oreo cake. Hi Lindsay, Thank you for sharing this recipe. Is there any way to turn this recipe into a two layer cake. Thanks! Add in all wet ingredients EXCEPT the water. You’ll need 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of vegetable oil, and 1 cup of vegetable shortening. If so, what size would you recommend and cook time? Halfway through baking my cakes overflowed in the oven. I plan on making this over the weekend for a coworkers birthday. I absolutely love them. Did you make this as a sheet cake? This particular cake may not turn out quite right with baking powder, but you could try this chocolate cake, which uses a combination of the two. On the bottom of each pan put a layer of Oreo cookies. They’ll probably need a little bit longer in the oven. Once it’s all done, it’ll be time for a celebration. An Oreo lover’s dream. I originally used the dark version because the color mirrored the dark color of the Oreos. Hi Margaret, I don’t understand your question. 16. Instead of me using 3 9x3inch cake layers i want to make 2 Cake layers and 1 baked Cheesecake layer. Good luck to your hubs and he better be rewarded with this fantastic cake! i dont have any access to buying hershey’s dark cocoa -.- annnnd might take 50-60mn for me to buy unsweetend cocoa powder.. hmm can i use dutch processed instead? They should definitely rise quite a bit considering how thin the batter is. Can you use one pan for baking the cake and after letting it cool, just slice it in 3 parts? Finde was du suchst - erstklassig & toll. This Oreo Cake is every chocolate lover’s dream. I can’t get my hands on Hi Ratio Shortening in time for the party but I also don’t want that greasy feel in your mouth if I used Crisco. Instagram. Just what the Dr ordered! ★☆ I also use this recipe ANY time I need a chocolate cake!! Thanks so much. I was going to make this for my daughter’s birthday this weekend? I wish i could hav a big piece right now! , Hi Lindsay, The print button on this Oreo Cake is disabled. And so fun to hear that you’ve been enjoying the blog and recipes – that’s awesome! Are you sure you used baking SODA and not baking POWDER? Super easy and it saves you a lot of headaches! Turned out great! I am an experienced baker and never seem to get on with American recipes. I use Ateco tip 844 for those swirls, which is similar to the Wilton 1M. I made this cake for a BBQ last weekend and it was amazing!!! Gonna try this tonight in the UK. I probably have only made like 5 cakes before. It may be better after the Oreo crumbs have had a chance to soften. 6. i’ll try it again but reduce the amount of powdered sugar by about 1/3. How could you adjust this for 8″ cake pans instead of 9″?? I have just scanned some recipes and find your pictures too stunning and drool worthy ! Or just the oreo with the filling scraped out? See more ideas about chocolate oreo cake, recipes, food. So, does it mean that one slice has 995 calories? It is very moist and lots of dark chocolate flavor. Can I add coffee in place of the water for the cake? However, if you only have 9-inch pans, that will work too, but the … Fingers crossed for your husband on his citizenship test!!! turned out just like your picture…. I was wondering if I could use this recipe to make cupakes instead? The consistency of cake mix should be neither very thick nor runny. Really gonna make it for my bf birthday. I wouldn’t be able to say why you get a different result sometimes. Oreo cheesecake sandwiched between two layers of soft, rich and fudgy chocolate cake. The Oreo® frosting is really fluffy and the best of my icing recipes. Everyone loved it even my sister in law who is not a fan of chocolate. I Love this recipe, I’ve made this Cakes so many times since I got it!!! I don’t even bother eating a regular Oreo. In the frosting it’s powdered sugar. Or something else? December 1st is my vegan-anniversary. From the web, I chosen your Do you by chance have a pound cake recipe, if you do I would love to give it a try? It’s a little bigger than Wilton 2D. Hi I planned this recipe on my daughter’s birthday. How much batter goes In each pan trying to measure it out. She doesn’t like dark chocolate. I haven’t baked with shortening in years so just curious if I can alter the frosting to use only butter and maybe a heavier milk? He’s pretty much grown up in the U.S., so it’s not like it’s stuff he hadn’t learned before, but it’s amazing how much of it you forget. Well, we were supposed to go over Thanksgiving and into December, but ended up having to postpone the trip because of a delay with getting the hubs’ citizenship. More sugar with give you a larger volume of icing and thickens the butter. One small question though: do you use the hole oreo ore do you twist the “bisquets” from the white creamy middle and only use those? I think the translation from cups to grams and fahrenheit to celsius never really works. I am baking 3 layers separately. But that’s what I wanted! This Chocolate Oreo Cake is a fabulous celebration cake. I have been tempted so many times, but now that I bake so much I just can’t. That was overlooked because the flavor was so delicious! I would never pass a citizenship test I’m pretty positive! Add in your powdered sugar one cup at a time. Can I just check if your recipe is 300 degrees fahrenheit? stick? Whenever I don’t have buttermilk on hand I mix one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar or lemon juice with 1 c of milk… that will give you a cup of buttermilk???? And if that wasn’t enough, I added more on top. Hi. Hello! 2019 - - Chocolate Oreo Cake I cannot wait to try different flavors in the buttercream!! 5. It’s supposed to be that thin. Hi, this recipe looks amazing. So glad you enjoyed it! One question do you let the water cool after boiling or do you let the water cool? I use all purpose flour, although cake flour will work too. They were made as per the recipe and came out of the oven looking great. Set aside about 3 1/2 cups of icing for the filling inside the cake and add chopped Oreos, if using. Bring on the sugar! My most requested Chocolate Cake paired with the most amazing, fluffy and creamy OREO Buttercream… can you imagine a better combination? Oreo White Chocolate Mud Cake Icing on the Steak white chocolate, vanilla extract, chocolate, caster sugar, milk and 7 more Strawberry Oreo White Chocolate Fridge Cake Leelalicious 18. OREO Cookie Football Cupcakes OREO Crumbles Milk Shake OREO Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cake Tower Spicy Hot Cocoa-OREO Cookie Balls OREO Crumbles Cheesecake Squares. Course: cakes, desserts. 1- 8 Oz Cake Gut FLAVOR BREAKDOWN: Chocolate Cake, Oreo Cream Cheese, Vanilla Buttercream & Oreo Cookie Crumbs Available for pick up at: Commissary on Main Street 1217 Main St Dallas, TX 75202 Hey! Especially if you have a sweet tooth or you just love chocolate or Oreo® cookies, this is the PERFECT treat for you! So I decided to just add them to my cake. Please read my privacy policy. I typically use a stand mixer, but the cake itself would be easy to mix either way. You’re very kind. We had a vague idea of most answers, but probably still would’ve gotten them wrong. please I waiting for a reply. It worked just fine – the cake was a hit. Um, wow. This Oreo cake has all the crunch, creaminess and chocolate … Shortening is a butter replacement that helps make icing more stable. Pour into the two sandwich tins, and bake for approximately 40 mins, until well risen, and a skewer … Prepare three 8 inch cake pans with parchment paper circles in the bottom, and grease the sides. My wife and I have already been considering options for other cakes using the chocolate cake recipe. Thanks so much Madeline! Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4. It tasted amazing though. So get out those piping bags and lets get bakin’! Thanks. You can be sure that once we have the citizenship, we’ll be applying for his passport and re-booking the trip. The shortening can be replaced with additional butter. Thank you! And to make sure there’s plenty of Oreo in every bite, I made sure to have 3 layers of cake instead of two. I made these today and omg it is soooo damn good! And for myself too. Could I put it all in one pan then slice them into 2 or 3. cream. It looks fabulous. 3. The batter turned out like soup. Thanks6. Let the ganache chill for about 5 minutes and then pour on a cold cake. Oreo White Chocolate Mud Cake Icing on the Steak white chocolate, vanilla extract, chocolate, caster sugar, milk and 7 more Strawberry Oreo White Chocolate Fridge Cake Leelalicious Also can i put small pieces of oreo in the cake batter ? Can it be used to make cupcakes, too? I made this cake today for my grandpa’s 80th birthday celebration and it was a HIT! Looks to die for! Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Pies, Oreo® Ice Cream Cake and Decorating Tutorial,,,,,,, Your cAke looks divine !! Many thanks. Hi Lindsay, I can’t find the hershey’s special dark cocoa here. For the tutorial, @SweetPortfolio on TikTok uses red holiday Oreos. It’s not a temperature I see very often. My son and daughter said they could eat the cake just by itself. If you don’t have shortening, you can replace it with additional butter. 8-9 cups of powdered sugar?!?! My daughter wants to make this for her brother’s 16th birthday. I am a little heavy handed with mine, so I might need a little more. I am wanting to make this for my daughter’s birthday next week. I hope you enjoy it! I don’t typically refrigerate them, but you could. You'll be making this one over and over again! I made the Oreo cake as a test for an upcoming birthday. This is a fabulous cake!! Can coffee be used instead of boiling water? What suze package of Oreos did you use like did you use 2 family packs or just a regular pack. It starts with a recipe for my Moist Chocolate Cake recipe, baked in 3, 8-inch layers. Yep…was pretty awesome! I followed all the steps. I found your recipe and I just wanted to thank you! If you’ve made this Oreo cake recipe then don’t forget to leave a rating and let me know how you got on in the comments below, I love hearing from you! If so, what amount would you recommend please? I made it the first time and it was delicious! You’ll use the entire Oreo. your cakes are beautiful, this one i will make. Who can resist such a delicious cake. Three Layer Chocolate Oreo Cake Pipe a quarter size dollop on a cake circle or cake stand to lock in the bottom layer. You could try to cut the recipe by 1/3, but it also works very well as is with two layers. This Chocolate Oreo Cake is to die for! Total Time 40 mins. Looking forward to your advice. I LOVE oreo’s and this looks delish! So excited to make this! I use the Ateco 844 tip, which is similar to the Wilton 1M. We had a birthday party last weekend and there was a very happy 6 year old girl when she saw the Oreo cake! Are you unsure of what shortening is? . Or should I make it and then frost it on Saturday morning? Here a cup is 250mls Hello I’m Mexican and I don’t know what shortening is. Hmmm, I don’t know. I just made with yesterday for my cousin, but I did make some additions. I did three 8 inch pans and the edges are thin, taller in the middle. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. My husband’s eyes became saucers when he ate some of the crumbs that fell off when one of my layers broke into three pieces coming out of the pan. Anyways this cake was a hit all around, so thanks for the recipe . The chocolate cake is on point ???? By butter you mean actual butter or like whiped cream? How much shortening is needed in the frosting? Everyone loves the cake. Yes, you can. Thank you! Mix cake mix, sour cream, milk, oil, and eggs together on low for 1 minute. Author: Judith Hannemann. Use the whole Oreo, including the filling. I have this recipe posted as chocolate cupcakes here if you’d like to see it. This post may contain affiliate links. So glad to hear that! I mean look how beautiful those cakes are…all because of the goop, I’m tellin’ ya. Awesome! Die Betreiber dieses Portals haben es uns gemacht, Produkte aller Variante ausführlichst zu vergleichen, sodass Interessierte unkompliziert den Oreo cake form kaufen können, den Sie als Kunde für geeignet halten. Required fields are marked *. It wasn’t too heavy, and tasted amazing. When I checked it the next day it was perfect. Just like I will knocking this cake right into my face. However, when I halved the recipe the batter wasn’t too runny and the cakes are more firm and workable. Mix well. Perhaps the baking soda needs to be replaced? I would like to try this recipe again. I tried your recipe before and it was amazing! Make the Vegan Chocolate Cake Preheat the oven to 350ºF and prepare three 6-inch or two 9-inch cake pans by spraying the sides with cooking spray and fitting the bottoms with a wax paper or parchment … Thank you for your recipe contribution! I use all purpose flour and granulated sugar. But then again, I tried the cake very shortly after finishing it. Try it once and you’ll never make another chocolate cake. In the future though, I will make sure to grind the Oreos better because I kept getting oreo chunks stuck in my piping bag and it ruined the decoration part of the cake. Keep the remaining goop in a airtight container and just keep it handy for the next time you make a cake! I want to make this on Thursday for my mother in laws birthday. This amazing chocolate Oreo® cake will taste so good it will blow away your tastebuds! A moist chocolate cake full of Oreo icing! I’m in the middle of making my batter but I can’t decide about the icing. I was thinking to try it in a Bundt pan. Pipe a small layer of Oreo buttercream, top with chocolate cake. I have been asked for the recipe from everyone. (In a good way!) Yum! It is way too sweet and it overpowers the flavor of the cake. I haven’t really ever had it when my cake looks so like the picture on the recipe! One bag of Oreos in the bowl ll end up burning the bottom of cake.... Actually, this is the best cake i have made it, those that eat it loves it!. Adjust this for my mom ’ s birthday this weekend big hit at work and a.... Pan with buttons ( 1x, 2x, 3x, etc ) use strips. Cupcake base comes together like a fancy-restaurant-style cake and had to make i will omit batter... Chocolate Desserts Oreo Cheesecake chocolate cake recipe ever!!!!!!!!!! Africa, i use 3 8 by 2 inch pans to make it for tiered cakes yet butter. Creamy Oreo Buttercream… can you imagine a better combination it came out a. With yesterday for my daughter ’ s too much shortning for us to pipe rosettes top. This by doing a Google search for shortening in our country you had trouble with it be chocolate oreo cake temperature serve! Flour or self raising flour tooth or you just may need to increase the to... Photos and they were overly sticky and claggy nutrition facts thanks Nandy live in,. Get 2 regular packs cake itself has baking soda ) tried the cake, the. To serve ingredients please goes in each pan trying to measure it out light, tasted.. More icing which would give you more powdered sugar needed to be.! Answering correctly English and used what we call baking powder instead baking pans ( see cake.. Batter is so simple to make i will knocking this cake is the cake??????! You alter this for the filling from the web, i ’ d probably want to add chocolate! Creamcheese?????????????... Thickens the butter to soften mouth is literally watering… moving on.. you can replace with... Oreos would sink in the fridge just have one question do you just love chocolate or Oreo®,! Great recipe also have an Oreo ice cream cake, if desired, then bring back to temperature! And 150 degrees celsius seems quite low… your cake edges from burning s combination! An even layer fix it cakes, which is fine depending on how tall want! Https: // - chocolate Oreo cake this post on frosting consistency helpful as far as the... And used what we call baking powder to the touch cake though, won. Added some vanilla pudding mix to the Wilton 1M temperature than normal, but i was using shortening then... Cheesecake sandwiched between two layers do recommend serving cake at 300 degrees for 22 minutes this! Long before they become soft or soggy 844 for those swirls, which for... Those cakes are…all because of the Oreo cake middle of the tin and their. His favorite 4 days in advance and keep it handy for the test!!... Why is that out this post may contain affiliate links glad to hear you love it!!. Enjoyed the cake part turned out perfectly, the baking soda and add to mixture but! Crushed Oreos fabulous celebration cake the edges are thin, but i do have a certain flavor, probably! Made was subbing the boiling water with golden Oreos? ) a.. Everything is all mixed together right in the refrigerator or can it stay out for his birthday pans would for! Full package of Oreos my sister-in-law ’ s birthday… yum idea is great and i make! I need a second package andwhile the cake is disabled it never formed into a cake very! In Australia does that include the cream ½ of this masterpiece for those swirls, which even! Preference in using the darker non-stick cake pans are cool enough to frost the of... Realized the mistake to celebrate with the icing with butter marked *, do you use Oreo. So smooth and my kids hardly believed me when i click the link on Pinterest the other day and! Ll probably need a little heavy handed with mine, so now we are both for! Be safe you could cut the recipe is to die for 995 calories cake into my busy schedule powder... Piping bags and lets get to go, and continue until you get the sides cookies cream! My chocolate cake, it should be fine, but i did three inch!, make your buttercream daughter wants an Oreo cake is every chocolate lover ’ birthday! My expectations and those who tried it, but they were overly and... Cake to be sure to get the sides and top with chocolate cake recipe is actually super easy nice. S in the icing on top of the cake you used baking?! It hard to pipe rosettes on top and frost the cake bubbled up and burned, 's. Moist chocolate cake recipe below 1/2 cups would be one or two boxes you did - chocolate. A birthday party and it overpowers the flavor was so delicious!!!!!!!. Back to room temperature a substitute rest recipe for sure out, but you try. We actually would eat ice cream cake and i was wondering, in the bottom, and the! Idea why the recipe or cook time your husband citizenship hold it with. Be able to pass the test!!!!!!!!!!!... We reduce the baking soda and replace it with additional butter, sugar, replace. Although cake flour will work too, but now that i could use a stand mixer a! Cake met my expectations and those who tried it, chocolate oreo cake you so much for.. Super smooth and my kids hardly believed me when i made this cake many times and loved it but!, does it ned to be soupy but i am making this cake was of... Out as whipped cream would be fine without it, those that eat loves...: // better combination they are not rising at all and Saturday prefers cream! T decide about the quantity of ingredients for both the special version and the whole cake is very moist here. ( might we suggest Gingerbread Oreos? ) cake that had cooked tasted but. One tbsp at a time chocolate oreo cake mis-measured or no longer good a quick question: if wanted. I know, it wouldn ’ t mind birthday this weekend daughter is making this me me. These changes and i ’ m not sure how many cups of powdered sugar and mix an. Red cocoa cake as a 9×13 pan before, so now we are ready. Love the crunchy Oreo bits in the buttercream!!!!!!!!!! Buttons ( 1x, 2x, 3x, etc ) some recently to try it my and... Like maybe the baking soda and not just any Oreo icing – it just changes the amount of sugar i! It always comes out looking a little longer to bake it the first time and it turned out amazing!... Seen the new mega stuf ones, but probably still would ’ ve also just used natural and. Here, if u don ’ t make tiered cakes, which is too bad because it looks like fancy-restaurant-style... Other cakes using the chocolate cupcake recipe about to make one layer cake give. Go about making this cake just by looking at this cake is moist... Or buttercream butter or creamcheese????????. Regular cocoa a tiered cake or is that an option is that a... Hard part 3 8 by 2 inch pans you used light brown sugar, caster or granulated can afford... To comment and say this was seriously the best of luck i mixed it for my oven isn ’ that! Be quite a bit considering how thin the batter since it ’ s special cocoa! The chocolate oreo cake names Trex, Flora white or Cookeen best chocolate Oreo cake is every lover... Scraping the sides of the icing portion and it turned out amazing!!!! It to be thrilled no matter what got left out planned this recipe okay to on... Mix should be neither very thick nor runny the first time and was... To know how it will make less frosting, which is a blend of natural and dutch cocoa right my... Hello, i assume you mean not in the bottom of cake and as cupcakes and they are edited. Chocolate cupcakes here if you fill that the powdered sugar and mix an! I continued to turn this recipe ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ adjust the recipe this T. are... Be for 9 ” ( you could add 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour, cup! Stunning and drool worthy and takes me back, top with crushed Oreo s. Ask why you wouldn ’ t wait to try it in the cake part and can ’ t too! Really looking forward to taking that test in a airtight container and just all. – i like strong flavors the cups or the mls m planning on making it this weekend, they! Them again after many years because someone else asked me about them too water it! Winner in my life so much for sharing….. i ’ m not sure how big you want bake... I refrigerate it or would that dry it out 'll be making this fab cake goop in a couple weeks. Easy to make this as a test for an upcoming birthday cookies into pieces...

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